Compliance and Ethics:

Carrying our activities in other 15 countries, the V Industries Group is driven by the principles of ethics, transparency, legitimacy and uprightness, as well as strict respect to local lows and regulations of each country.

All our team members are committed to work in sustainable, transparent and ethical manner in order to safeguard the company prestige. The ethical values together with legal governance are the cornerstone of the company culture and constitute the standards of daily business conduct.

To assure and maintain high level of compliance awareness we conduct various seminars and trainings for our staff on regular basis.

Our Mission:

V Industries Group has been established with the purpose to provide highly professional value added services and smart solutions to companies engaged primarily in Oil & Gas industry, as well as in other related industries.

Our Vision:

In the globalizing business environment, when profit margins of both producers and traders are decreasing quite rapidly, maximization of efficiency by deployment of value added services and smart solutions become one of key factors for increasing competitiveness as well as technical and financial strength of Oil & Gas companies and most of other business fields.

V Industries Group is dedicated to provide those value added services and smart solutions to oil & gas sector companies and non-oil sector companies by generating best match and innovative solutions with various partners.

Our Values:

Responsibility:  Our business is built on responsibility mind towards our business partners and society in general
Quality: Our customers are our business partners. We are committed to provide quality services and quality products to our business partners.
Smart Innovation:  We highly appreciate reliability and proven experiences which we apply in daily operations. However, we do believe that Innovations are our way forward for generating added values and efficiency.

Sustainability Policy:

We are leaving and doing business in rapidly changing and hectic multicultural environment.

Globalization, digitalization and other modern social phenomenon and processes do create a lot of new opportunities as we as challenges to all business organizations.

V Industries Group has been established and running with the focus on long term sustainable growth and development together with our partners.

How to achieve it in modern world?! 

Well, we see our way in following practices and guidelines which are adopted as DNA of our company:

  • Do business that it useful and contributing to your partners and the society in a long term. Do business with high quality and responsibility mind.
  • Be aware and comply with local and international lows and regulations.
  • Constantly support our company staff and increase their professional level and expertise. Create comfortable and productive working environment as well as maintain team spirit with reasonable level of integrity.
  • Assure smart financial management of the company and keep company financial sound at all times.
  • Care about environment and support CSR activities.